• Specialized systems

    Specialized Vibration Test Systems

    Systems specialized for various applications are also available: Car Seat Test System,
    4-wheel・3-axis Vibration Test System etc.
    The Special Systems with the other Specifications are also available. Please contact us for further information.

Car Seat Test System

  • Vehicles
  • Railway Vehicles

Vibration Test System for testing the characteristics and durability of car seats


  • Vibration Endurance Test
  • Seat Vibration Characteristics Test
  • Seat Damping Test

4-wheel・3-axis Vibration Test System

  • Vehicles
  • [Others
World-largest Electro-dynamic Multi-Axis Vibration Test System G-8340-1LT-12

Vibration Test System for testing vehicles

Featured by electro-dynamic shaker’s high waveform fidelity and a wide frequency range, which can’t be achieved by hydraulic shakers, this system, comprising 4 sets of 3-axis Vibration Generator systems, is aimed at simulating road-surface excitation conditions experienced by vehicles used mainly for:


  • Ride-comfort Test
  • Car Body Test
  • Road Noise Test

*We also manufacture testers for two-wheeled vehicles. For more information, please contact us.

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