• 2-axis Vibration Test Systems

    2-axis Vibration Test Systems

    The 2-axis Vibration Test Systems have G-8-2 Series; 2-axis (1-axis each of horizontal and vertical) simultaneous excitation possible and G-8-1 Series; 2-axis sequential (one axis by one axis) excitation possible, suited most to transportation tests for large, heavy specimens eliminating troublesome labor as no vertical & horizontal tables handling and also no specimen unloading & loading which is a MUST with the conventional Single-axis Vibration Test Systems. In addition to the 8-axis Vibration Test Systems in our Catalog, there are 2-axis Vibration Test Systems with larger displacement and larger force also available. Please contact us for more information if needed.

2-axis Vibration Test Systems G-8 Series

  • Seismic
  • Transportation
  • Electric & Electronic Apparatus
  • Vehicles
  • Railway Vehicles

‘cross-talks (unnecessary vibration)’

Long-experienced technology for the unique Hydrostatic Bearing Coupling Technique allows for restraint on ‘cross-talks’ among the two axes, thus making it easy to control in accordance with the set 2-axis vibration test conditions.

G-8190-*HB-020 2:2-axis Simultaneous 1:2-axis Sequential

G-8190-*HB-020 2:2-axis Simultaneous 1:2-axis Sequential

Standard Specifications

  • Cooling Method: Air-cooled / Water-cooled
  • Hydro-static Bearing
  • Axis Changeover Switch


  • Series Test Unit for automatic axis change
    (No need for Simultaneous Type)
  • For Combined Environmental Tests


  • The Special Systems with the other specifications than in the Specifications and Catalog are also available. Please contact us for further information.
  • - Systems with larger displacement: Horizontal up to 400mmp-p & Vertical up to 300mmp-p
  • - Large Systems with force output of larger than 63kN
  • - Systems with 2m square Table or larger Table

Typical Systems from SHINKEN's Installation Record
One of the World-largest Electro-dynamic Multi-Axis Vibration Test Systems G-8340-1LT-120

  • Seismic
  • Others
World-largest Electro-dynamic Multi-Axis Vibration Test System G-8340-1LT-120

Multi-axis Vibration Test Systems for Seismic Tests

With 2 pieces of Vibration Generators for both vertical and horizontal, this system can generate 400kN force for Sine and 1,000kN force for Shock, one of the largest in the world as the Electro-dynamic Multi-axis Vibration Test Systems.

Max. Force Output Sine: 400kN、Shock:1,000kN
Max. Acceleration Sine:117m/s² (with 1.5 ton load) Shock:300m/s² ( - ditto - )
Max. Displacement: 60mmp-p
Frequency Range 2 ~150Hz (-6dB or more roll-off over 100Hz)
Table Size 2m×2m
(expandable to 4m×4m)
Max. Payload : 2,000kg (on 4m×4m table)


  • Seismic Simulation
  • Seismic Fragility Test for Structural Models

For the Right System Model Selection