SHINKEN’s Technology

For Those who Pursue ‘High Quality & Safety’
– Towards More Realistic Test Environment - Multi-axis Vibration Test Systems -

The recent technological advances in a variety of industries;
verticalization or vertical expansion of buildings,
speeding up of transportation means,
down-sizing & lightening of mobile devices and so on are all based upon ensuring
‘High Quality & Safety’ thus requirements for environmental tests
having grown more severe and realistic.
SHINKEN Multi-axis Vibration Test Systems,
capable of making a ‘More Realistic Vibration Environment’
than conventional Vibration Test Systems, can meet these requirements.

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    Specialist in Vibration

    Since its establishment in 1975 by several engineers with over 10-year experience in vibration SHINKEN has been complying with a variety of customer's requests which has lead to obtaining tens of patents (including US & UK patents for Multi-axis Coupling).

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    Globally recognized technology

    Overseas Installation Record reaching 600 Systems

    Generating Vibration' seems a bit simple BUT in fact it is technically quite complicated and deep with nearly half a century SHNKEN having been chasing after 'Eternal Target' of generating a wide range of vibration with high fidelity from low frequencies of below 1 Hz for seismic related to high frequencies of several thousand Hz for space and aviation related by reducing the weight of the moving mass while maintaining its rigidity for higher acceleration and also the mechanical friction of the guide parts as much as possible.

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    After-sales Service and Maintenance

    SHINKEN is very proud of our Overseas Distributors who can take good care of After-sales Service and Maintenance. For After-sales Service and Maintenance, please contact our Distributor in your country.
    Please visit HERE for the information on our Overseas Distributors.