Search Based Upon Reproducibility of Real-world Vibration

Why is SHINKEN Chosen ?

  1. Technology and Experience

    Technology & Experience

    SHINKEN's Strengths with Accumulated Technology typified by unique Multi-axial Hydrostatic Bearing Guide & Air Bearing Guide Systems and nearly Half a Century of Experience


  2. To Meet Customer’s Requirements

    To Meet Customer’s Requirements

    SHINKEN promises to keep challenging based upon SHINKEN's Motto of ‘Challenging to Any Applications Related to Vibration ・・・’ since its foundation.


  3. Easy & Low-cost Maintenance

    Easy & Low-cost Maintenance

    To enable longer and more stable use of the systems, SHINKEN has been working on reducing consumable parts with the employment of the unique Air Bearing & Suspension Systems. And also experienced engineers of SHINKEN's Distributors have been well supporting all the overseas customers with timely repair and periodic check-up jobs.


SHINKEN’s Technology