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  Company Profile  


  President Greeting

Shinken was founded in 1975 play a central role in by several engineers with many years
of experience in and a rich knowledge of vibration technology. We achieve clean solution,
multi axis of electro-dynamic vibration test equipment, energy saving, and obtained several
these patents. In the future, based on a wealth of experience over the years and the latest technology, to improve "reliability and quality" of the product that sophisticated increasingly, become a concerted effort "working on an application of any vibrations" as a technical group,
we aim to leap further.
                      October 2012 President Takayasu Muto
  Hachioji Factory  
  Shinken Head Plant  

Company Outline

Company Name  : Shinken Co., Ltd.
Incorporated    : January, 1975

Address and phone number

Tokyo Sales Office: 745-1 UTSUKI-MATCHI, HACHIOUJI-CITY,
TOKYO, 192-0024, JAPAN TEL:+81-42-691-7780 FAX:+81-42-691-7773

Head Offiice & Plant : 806-1, UTSUKI-MACHI, HACHIOUJI-CITY,
TOKYO, 192-0024, JAPAN
TEL:+81-42-691-3371 FAX:+81-42-691-0418

Paid-up Capital Japanese Yen 37,000,000

President Takayasu Muto

Main Bank
Risona Bank

Main Products
           : Electrodynamic Single-axis Vibration Test Systems
             Electrodynamic Multi-axis Vibration Test Systems
             Electrodynamic Shock Test Systems
             Vibration Controllers
             Vibration Meters

  Distributor List  
  EMS Test Measurement Sdn. Bhd.(Malaysia)  
  No. 76, Jalan Mas Jaya 1, Kawasan Perusahaan Mas Jaya,  
  43200 Selangor Darul Eshan  
  Tel: +603-9080 2086  
  PT. Solusi Kankyo Shiken(Indonesia)
  Jl.Sentra Komersial RSK 3
  No.68. Grand Galaxy City, Kelurahan Jakasetia,
  Bekasi Selatan, 17147 Indonesia.
  Tel: +62-21-8273 4730
  HMC Sales & Service Pte Ltd(Philippines)
  Rm 1107 Page 1 Bldg Acacia Ave. Madrigal Business Park Ayala
  Alabang Multin Lupa City, Philippines 1780
  Tel: +632-771-2038
  INSTEC., JSC(Vietnam)
  9/7B, Ngo 282, Duong Khuong Dinh,
  Thanh Xuan, Hanoi; Vietnam
  Tel: +84-4-35587-933
  J & S Engineering Corp.(Korea)
  3F J&S Bldg., 26, Samseong-ro 82-gil,
  Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-280, Korea
  Tel: +02-557-0505
  MEL Systems and Services Ltd.(India)
  Plot No.173 Developed Plots Estate,
  Perungudi, Chennai 600 096, India
  Tel: +0091-44-24961902
  Quality Report Co., Ltd.(Thailand)
  390 Soi Yothin Pattana, Praditmanootham Road,
  Klongchan, Khet Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240, Thailand
  Tel: +662-946-9988
  TopNotch Technology Co., Ltd.(Taiwan R.O.C)
  6F-3, No.293-3, Sec.2 Fusing South Road,
  Da-an District Taipei, Taiwan
  Tel: +886-2-2737-2722
  TopNotch Technology(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  Room 2703, Paris Fashion, No.500 Xiang Yang South Road,
  XuHui District, Shanghai, China
  Tel: +86-136-5180-5521
  Sverdlovsk Region, Ekaterinburg Krasnolesiya Street,
  149-35, Russia
  Tel: +7-912-266-22-22
  Company History
1975 Jan. Incorporated by engineers with over 10-year experience in vibration.
Nov. Started marketing High-Frequency Vibration Test Systems (VTSs)
1976 Nov. Developed and started marketing Digital Vibration Controllers
1977 Dec. Developed and started marketing Biaxial VTSs
1982 May. Developed & started marketing Globally-First Electrodynamic Triaxial VTSs
1983 Oct. Developed and started marketing affordable Digital Sine Controllers
1986 May Developed and started marketing High-Frequency Multi-axial VTSs
1988 June U.S. Patent No.4,748,851 granted for Multi-axial Shakers
1989 Oct. Developed and started marketing PWM (Switching) Power Amplifiers
U.K. Patent No.GB2184848B granted for Multi-axial Shakers
1990 Feb. Developed and started marketing 600mmp-p Horizontal Shock Generators with the air-bearing guide
1992 Nov.

Japanese Patent No.1715897 granted for LT Types Multi-axial Shakers for
relatively low-frequency use..
Japanese Patent No.1800853 granted for HT Types Multi-axial Shakers
for relatively high-frequency use.

1995 June Developed a Linear-motor Actuator for active-damping for a high building in
collaboration with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
1997 Feb. Installed a large-stroke 3-axis VTS at the Japan Meteorological Agency
1998 May. Developed and started marketing Windows 95 (now 2000 available) OS D-55 Series Digital Vibration Controllers.
2000 Feb. Japanese Patent No.327204 granted for Ecology & Cleanness-oriented Vibration Generators prominent with Air-bearing & Seal-less Air Suspension.
Dec. Obtained ISO9001 certification.
2001 Jan. Obtained the Japanese Patent No.3152411 covering all the multi-axis excitation with the cross-coupling hydro-static bearing structure.
2003 Apr. Developed and started marketing D-57 Series Digital Vibration Controllers.
2011 Jun. Developed and started marketing D-58 Series Digital Vibration Controllers.
2012 Nov. Developed and started marketing D-59 Series Digital Vibration Controllers.
2013 Jan. Vibration Test Center opened in Main Plant.
Apr. Shinken Tailand Office opened.
2015 Mar. Vibration Test Center relocated.
Nov. Tokyo Sales Office relocated.


User List

<Public AgenciesR&D Institutes>


Evdin Ltda. (Brazil)*

Ministy of Posts and Telecommumications

Kajima Corporation

Calvin Engieering (China)*

 - Comminication Research Lab.*

Shimizu Constructuon Co., ltd.

Koni Electronics (HK) Mgf. (Hong Kong)

Ministry of Home Affairs

Taisei Corporation*

 - Fire Research Institure*

Takenaka Komuten Co., Ltd.*

<Car Electronics>

Ministry of Transport

Matsushita Electric Communication

 - Traffic Safety & Nuisance Research Inst. 


Matsushita Electronics Parts Co., Ltd.*

Defence Agency

Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Ind. Co. Ltd.

Pioneer electronics Corporation*

 - No. 3 Technical R & D Institute

Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd.,

Sony Corporation*

Japan Meteorological Agency*

Hindustan Aeronaulics Ltd. (India)

Tohoku Pioneer Electronics Corp.*

Railway Technical Research Institute

Kenwood Corporation*

7 Prefectural Industrial Research Institutes

<Electric, Electronic Apparatus>

Alpine electronics Inc.*

Reliance Center for Electronic Parts*

NTT Corporation*

Aisin AW Co., Ltd.*

Japan Motor Inspection Association

Hitachi, Ltd,*

FMS Audio* 

Turkish Standard Institute (Turkey)*

Hitachi Maxell, Ltd,

FMS Audio (Malaysia) 

S.I.S.I.R.-Standard Institute (Singapore)

Hitachi (USA)*

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (Korea)*

T.I.S.I.- Standard Institute (Thailand)

Hitachi (Mexico)

A.I.N.T.I.- Standard Institute (Argentine)

Hitachi Electronic Products (Malaysia)

<AutomobileAutomobile Parts>

Electric Power Research Lab. (Australia)

Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

Toyota Motor Corporation*

National Railway (Pakistan)

Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.*

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.*

Taiwan Fire Defencse Agency (Taiwan)*

Matsushita Electric Industiral Co.,Ltd.*

Honda Motor Co., Ltd.*

Seismic Research Lab. (Indonesia) 

Matsushita Electric Components

Kwang Yang Motor Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

Seismic Research Lab. (Peru) 

Matsushita Battery Industrial Co.,Ltd.*

Mazda Motor Corporation

NEC Corporation*

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.*


Toshiba Corporation

Yamaha Motor R&D Taiwan (Taiwan)

The University of Tokyo, Civil Engineering*

Fujitsu, Ltd.*

Kuozui Motors, Ltd. (Taiwan)

Kyoto University

Fujitsu (USA, UK, Ireland)

Hyndai Motor Co. (Korea)

Nagoya University, Inst. of Plasma Physics

IBM Japan, Ltd.*

Asia Motors Co., Inc. (Korea)

Kyushu University

Sharp Corporation*

Bajaj Auto Ltd. (India)

Defence Academy*

Sharp-Roxy Electronics Corp.(Malaysia)*

Centro Ricerche Fiat (Italy)*

Tokyo Metropolitan Univ., Machanical Eng.*

Victor Co. of Japan, Ltd.*

Denso Co., Ltd.

Chuo Univeristy. Civil Engineering*

TDK Corporation*

Denso Taiwan Corp. (Taiwan)

Waseda Univ., Architectural Engineering*

Yamaha Corporation*

Denso do Brasil Ltda (Brazil)

The Polytechnic Univ., Architectural Eng.*

Ricoh Co., Ltd.*

Aishin Seiki Co., Ltd.

Iwaki Meisei Univ., Machanical Engineering*

Taiwan Ricoh Co., Ltd.

Zexel Corporation

Tokai University, Machanical Engineering*

Konica Corporation*

Bridgestone Corporation*

Seiko Epson Co., Ltd.*

Kansei Corporation

<ResourcesHeavy Industries>

Fuji Photo film Co., Ltd.*


The Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc.

Olympus Optical Co., Ltd.

NOK Corporation*

The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.,

Canon Inc.

Calsonic Co., Ltd.*

 - Central Tech. Research Institute*

Canon Inc. Taiwan (Taiwan)

Toyo Radiator Co., Ltd.*

Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.

GE Yokokawa Medical System Co., Ltd.*

Tokyo Radiator Mgf. Co., Ltd.*

Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.*

Anritsu Corporation*

Sanden Corp.*

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.,

Japan Radio Co., Ltd.*

Nippon Seiko K.K.*

Nippon Steel Corporation

Samsong Electro-Mechanics (Korea)

Ichikoh Industries, Ltd.*

LG Electronics Inc. (Korea)

Tokico Ltd.

<Transportation, Shipping>

Daewoo Electronics Co., Ltd. (Korea)

Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

Sakata Inx Corp.*

Delta Electronics Inc. (Taiwan)

Tokyo Roki Co., Ltd.

Daiwa Seikan Co., Ltd.*

Taiwan Liton Electronics Inc. (Taiwan)

Toyo Jiann Tsang Electric (Taiwan)

Chiyoda-Paper Co., Ltd.*

Taiwan Tenlon Inc. (Taiwan)

Sengton Transportation Implements(Taiwan)

Hitachi Unyu Co., Ltd.*

Quanta Computer Inc. (Taiwan)

Mando Machinery Corporation

Honda Express Co., Ltd.*

General Electric (U.S.A.)*

Automotive Facility Import Corp. (Russia)


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